Kvothekiller Chronicles
We make fun of Patrick Rothfuss
1 year ago

S1E4 - Dudes (do not) Rock!

Dudes Suck!!!!!!!

This episode we cover the absolute worst part of the book, and basically everything good we had to say about it gets thrown in the trash by the sheer revolting existence of Chapter 69 (....not nice).

We still manage to have a lot of fun along the way though - tune in to hear the 7 words that will make our listeners fall in love with us, hypothesize on the meaning of "fuck me red lipstick" (fuck me, red lipstick?), and ask the most important question of all: When did the sex number invented?

WE MADE A TWITTER ACTUALLY! It's @killer_kvothe

The Kvothekillers are played by:

Summer, of My Podcabbages - Did the show art and you can comission them! Sarah, of Pod of Greed and Never Believe It - Also did the show art but you cant comission them. Robyn (formerly known as Lucy), of Who Watches the Watch and Fred Says Fuck. Janos, of A Song of Babies and Puppies and Lynchpin. Daniel, reccomending O Maidens in your Savage Season by Mari Okada

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