Kvothekiller Chronicles
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1 year ago

S1E5 - Dragon Quest (1986 Videogame)

Kvothe Gets Peg(ged)

Choose Life. Choose a university education. Choose a horse. Choose a girl. Choose an accent. No, a different accent. No, no, no, a different accent. Choose Pegs. Choose a dragon but its vegan so actually it's a Draccus. Choose not to do sexual assault. Choose the friendzone. Choose to tell your entire life story to a Chronicler, rotting away at the end of it all, pishing your last in a miserable bar, nothing more than an embarrassment to your own pathetic legacy. Choose The Name of The Wind. Choose Kvothe.

The Kvothekillers are played by:

Summer, of My Podcabbages - Did the show art and you can comission them! Sarah, of Pod of Greed and Never Believe It - Also did the show art but you cant comission them. Robyn, of Who Watches the Watch and Fred Says Fuck. Janos, of A Song of Babies and Puppies and Lynchpin. Daniel, wants you to read Klara and the Sun

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