Kvothekiller Chronicles
We make fun of Patrick Rothfuss
1 year ago

S2E1 - Intelligence Kvotient

It's Kvothin Time!

We're not quite ready to talk about Wise Man's Fear yet. To prepare ourselves for the horror to come, we try and remember what happened in the last book without looking any of it up.

In this episode we discover the hidden sexual delights of the 10 year anniversary cover, Add a 4th quadrant to the "mother/maiden/crone" trifecta, and figure out that the ACTUAL NAME of the wind is "Jasom Derulo"

The Kvothekillers are played by:

Summer, of My Podcabbages - Did the show art and you can comission them! Sarah, of Pod of Greed and Never Believe It - Also did the show art but you cant comission them. Robyn, of Who Watches the Watch and Fred Says Fuck. Janos, of A Song of Babies and Puppies and Lynchpin. Daniel, from Academic Elitism.

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NB: This podcast is not suitable for consumption by fans of Mr Rothfuss