Kvothekiller Chronicles
We make fun of Patrick Rothfuss
1 year ago

S1E2 - I Am Going to Become the Kvother

hold on im shifting into Kvothe mode

This week we read chapters 1-25! We meet the Blue Man Group, discover what would happen if a theatre kid was also a gamer, and look frantically to see if there's any actual 'story' inside all these vibes and aesthetics. where is it pat. give us the story patrick.

Daniel's audio occasionally cuts out so don't worry its not your phone doing that its the file.

[EDIT: The podcast has a twitter now: @killer_kvothe]

The Kvothekillers are played by:

Summer, of My Podcabbages - Did the show art and you can comission them! Sarah, of Pod of Greed and Never Believe It - Also did the show art but you cant comission them. Robyn (formerly known as Lucy), of Who Watches the Watch and Fred Says Fuck. Janos, of A Song of Babies and Puppies and Lynchpin. Daniel, asking you to please read Tokyo Uneo Station

NB: This was recorded in january and you can no longer buy Sarah's knitwear products or participate in Summer's insta story RPG. Sorry i took so long to edit this one lads